Frequently Asked Questions

WillPass is a convenient mobile application that allows registered users to refer their loved ones and friends to FortisWills Pte Ltd (“FortisWills”) for their estate and advance care planning needs (“Application”).
Through the Application, you can refer family/friends/clients to do their Will, get Will Custody, Lasting Power of Attorney, or Trust.
Simply register here and we will create an account for you.

Download the app here and you can log in once you have received your automatically generated password from WillPass (email notification – please check your spam folder).
You may know of loved ones or friends who have assets in Singapore or who may need estate or advance care planning services in Singapore. You can use the Application and refer them to us at FortisWills.
WillPass has 2 categories of registered users. Affiliates are users that have attended and passed an estate and advance care planning course conducted by FortisWills.
For more information on the course, please click here. Non-Affiliates are members of the public who wish to become a user of the Application.

Affiliates who refer clients through the Application will be paid up to 20% of the fees collected from the clients upon successful completion of the cases.

Non-Affiliates will be paid up to 10%.
Affiliates and Non-Affiliates will be paid their referral fees within 4 weeks upon the successful completion of the cases referred by them through the Application.
By direct deposit into the bank account provided by you upon registration as a user of the Application. You can check the status of the payment on the Application dashboard.
Upon receiving the cases submitted by you through the Application, FortisWills will contact them using the mobile number and/or email provided by you in the Application.

Please ensure that you have obtained their prior consent for FortisWills to contact them and they have agreed to the collection and use of the information and personal data disclosed by you on their behalf in the Application.
You can download our user guide here.

After logging in, you may start referring your family and friends by creating a new case. Once you have created your new case, the case status will be PENDING. In the event where the customer that you referred decides not to do any of the services, the case status will be updated to CANCELLED. If the customer that you referred completes his/her Will/LPA/Trust/Will Custody service(s), the case status will be updated to COMPLETED. Once payment has been made to your bank (usually within 4 weeks upon the successful completion of the cases), the case status will be updated to CLOSED. Please allow 3 working days for the payment to be reflected in your registered bank account.
Under some circumstances, your account under the Application may be suspended or terminated at the sole and absolute discretion of FortisWills.

For example, if you are in breach of the terms and conditions of the Application or Privacy Policy, your account may be suspended or terminated.

Or if you are an Affiliate, but you have not renewed your membership or paid your renewal fees, your account will be suspended or terminated.